It is one thing to have a beautiful swimming pool in your Houston backyard but it is only part of what makes your backyard poolscape look nice. In order to complete the picture of having the perfect poolside setting it is best to add one or more decorative landscaping solutions to your pool area. Poolside landscaping when done right can have a dramatic effect on the look of your swimming pool surroundings. At CCCC Company we have been offering outstanding and elegant poolside landscaping solutions to Houston swimming pool owners for many years now.

You may have not noticed but often times when you enter another person’s pool area it is not the pool itself but the poolside landscaping that makes a pool look amazing. Landscaping definitely plays that big a role in the looks of your Houston backyard pool area. Landscaping around your pool is something that is best done at the same time you are building your swimming pool but there is no reason that landscaping features cannot be added on after your swimming pool is built either. Our expert poolside landscape design team would be happy to help create the perfect backyard poolscape for your new or existing swimming pool.

Excellent Poolside Landscaping Additions

Here are some excellent poolside landscape features which can make your pool setting look incredibly beautiful:

  • Water features

    • Waterfalls

    Waterfalls are a great way to set the tone and ambience of any poolside area.

    • Fountains

    Fountains, much like waterfalls, are another great way to set the tone and ambience of any poolscape.

    • Vanishing Edges

    In the right setting there is no landscape feature that is more dramatic than to add a vanishing edge to one side of your swimming pool.

    • Ponds

    If you like your pool setting to be natural, then building a decorative pond in the background is an excellent choice. These can even be incorporated into the fountains and waterfalls.

  • Pool Walk Decks/Patios

Your pool walk deck and surrounding patios will go a long way toward establishing the type of look you want in your pool area. Such things as stamped and stained concrete can create some beautiful and unique looks which will greatly enhance your poolside setting.

  • Lighting

Just like interior designers use lighting inside your home to produce dramatic effects so too can lighting around your swimming pool be used in the same way. Lighting is a great way to add the perfect mood and ambience to your backyard poolscape even when being viewed from a distance.

  • Greenery

    • Trees

    Trees can make a big difference in any poolscape. Palms can give the pool area a tropical feel and other types of trees can help create other unique pool settings.

    • Grass

    Another great way to keep your swimming pool surroundings looking natural is by using grass. Grass planted on one or more sides of the pool going up to the edge gives it a unique look when it’s interlaced with decorative stone, concrete or other type of stepping stones.

Choose Us for Your Poolside Landscaping Needs

These examples above are just some of the ideas our excellent poolside landscaping design team can help you with. We can take any average looking swimming pool area and turn it into a beautiful setting that will complement its surroundings an even add value to your home.

So give us a call and we will show you exactly how we can make your Houston poolscape go from ho-hum to incredible.