As sturdily built as most Houston swimming pools are Father Time still has a way of catching up with things. It does not matter how well your pool was built or how well you maintain it, it is eventually going to become tired and worn as it ages and need some type of renovations. Sometimes the renovations can be extensive in nature and sometimes it may be something more routine like a surface re-plastering. No matter what your Houston pool renovation needs are, those of us at CCCC Company are experts at both major and minor swimming pool renovations.

Swimming pools are a lot like homes and many people do renovations on them for other reason besides just needing repairs too. Maybe you want to add some new water features as highlights to your pool or do something more drastic like adding new curves to its existing vanilla shape. We are a company than can handle all this and more when it comes to renovating your Houston backyard pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Renovations We Are Excellent At

Here is a list of examples of some of the types of major swimming pool renovations that we do often in the Houston area:

  • Re-plastering/Re-Surfacing

One of things that need to be kept up on the most on inground pools is the interior plaster finish. Over time it takes a beating from chemicals, the elements and bather use. Our renovation technicians are very skilled at re-surfacing the plaster on concrete swimming pools. We offer several different styles of plaster that our Houston pool customers can choose from including long lasting and decorative quartz finishes.

  • Decking

Maybe you concrete walk deck is getting worn out and cracked or you have just decided it’s time for a new look. Whatever the case may be we have the proper decking solution for you. We have deck renovation options that can change the color of your concrete walk deck, change the surface texture and even simulate pavers or other types of decorative stone.

  • Decorative Coping

Another part of your Houston backyard pool that takes a tremendous amount of wear and tear is the decorative coping around the edge of your swimming pool. If it becomes cracked, chipped or broken we have the right coping replacement solution for you.

  • Design Changes

Maybe your swimming pool has gotten too small to handle your current bather load or you simply want a more decorative design. Our experts can come up with a redesign solution that will work nicely for you.

  • Structural repairs

Inground swimming pools are built to last but they are not impervious to having problems either. Conditions such as excessive groundwater, flooding and settling soil can and do cause major structural problems at times. If this happens to you there is no better company than CCCC to handle this type of repair for you.

We Are the Best Houston Area Swimming Pool Renovation Specialists

So give us a call the next time you need a major renovation done to your swimming pool in Houston and the vicinity. We offer free in home inspections and estimates and all of our work is fully guaranteed. You will not find a Houston based swimming pool company that has more qualified technicians, better customer service or more competitive and affordable pricing than we do.