When you go to pick out a home you don’t go looking with the intention of getting the same type of home that everyone else has; you want something that is unique and fits your style and taste. It should be no different when you are shopping for a backyard pool for your Houston area home. You want a swimming pool that is not a cookie cutter design but something that enhances the look of your home. We here at CCCC Company understand that fully and that is why we specialize in custom swimming pool designs for homes in Houston and the vicinity.

Our Swimming Pool Design Begins With Your Idea

Most of the people who come to us to have a swimming pool built already have some sort of idea in their head what type of swimming pool they want. Our expert sales and design staff will work with your idea, your yard and your budget to come up with a custom design that meets your needs in all three of these areas. We used advanced CAD programs to help design your pool so you can see your concept come alive on paper before the ground is even broken to begin building your swimming pool.

Factors to Be Considered When Designing Your Own Houston Swimming Pool

  • Size

The size of pool you want is very important to any swimming pool design that we do for you. You want your pool to be built to handle your desired bather load and it has to not only fit properly in your backyard but has to meet your Houston neighborhood building codes too.
  • Shape

Since we build mostly free form swimming pools that means your choices in shape are almost unlimited. Our expert swimming pool design team will help you select a shape that looks good in your backyard and is fully functional for the major uses you want your swimming pool to be used for.

  • Depth

We can build both diving and non–diving swimming pools and even make your swimming pool a constant depth if so desired.

  • Style

Most of the custom pools we build are made of what is known as blown concrete or gunite. This allows for many different options when designing your swimming pool.

  • Features

We can add such custom features to your pool design such as waterfalls, fountains, slides and swimouts.

Simply put, you will find no better swimming pool design team in the Houston area than those you will find with us.

Why Choose Us To Design Your Swimming Pool?

We have been satisfying Houston area pool customers for many years now with all phases of swimming pool construction, renovations and service after the sale. We are a company that takes a lot of pride in the swimming pools we build and we are not satisfied that any pool building project is complete until you are completely satisfied with it too. CCCC is a company that is not only known for our pool building skills but also as a company that offers the finest customer service you will find too. That is what has made us among the most reputable and sought after pool companies in the Houston area for many years running.